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The Way Forward

…. for data analysis in education. Firstly it is right to acknowledge that schools are all at different places in regards to how they handle and manage data. More importantly it is also correct to say that there are significant differences between schools in what they expect their data analysis to provide, to whom and...
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A Guide for new Data Managers

I initially wrote this piece 01/06/2015, then offered it up to other DMs for comment, an anonymous contributor added the text in blue, whilst added the text at the bottom in purple. All of this enhances the guide and demonstrates the strength of the Data Manager community. Hope it helps. A couple of weeks ago I received this comment: “Hi...
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Defining a School Data Manager

The school data manager is a role that varies widely from institution to institution, which in some ways is to be expected as schools themselves are varied and complicated establishments. For some years now there has been a relentless focus on achievement which means there’s a hunger for data and a need for sophisticated data...
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